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Tay Drummond



          Devante Swiney, better known as Tay Drummond, is a swanky, ascending artist based in West Palm Beach, originally from the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.  Tay is a co-producer and engineer to himself, which allows him to have full creative control over his music.


          His style is a blend of melodic rap and trap soul, with a considerable emphasis on ingenious, witty wordplay.  Tay’s authentic style is heavily influenced by gospel music, which is most prominent in his selection of beats, and his form of flow.

          From humble beginnings with a kitchen made drum set to assisting in playing the drums at his church at a young age, the name Drummond was derived from these meaningful relationships with music and percussion.


     "Declined", an EP originally released in 2020, is a project highlighting Tay’s struggles of feeling like he failed.  Tay’s vision as an artist was obscure at first, however everything changed when he started opening his eyes and accepting failure as a lesson.  


     “If you want something in life and you take it. It doesn't matter what obstacles standing in your way, YOU WON'T FAIL!”  

                                                                                       -Tay Drummond


     Tay’s mindset evolved drastically following this, and his career as an artist escalated.  This project accumulated thousands of streams between Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.  Tay was able to create with more passion and drive than ever by doing everything he was before, Declined.

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Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida

Worst Way


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